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Workforce Management

is a new task management software framework that provides groundbreaking capabilities by automatically matching tasks with the appropriate associate.
Now, your managers are no longer the hub of task assignment.
Instead, Mobile Workforce Management becomes the hub, connecting virtually all of the systems in your store that generate tasks.

MWM Automatically:

  • Determines which associates are available and best suited for a task
  • Delivers the task directly to the mobile devices of the chosen associates
  • Monitors task status until it is complete
  • Escalates tasks if needed
  • Provides managers with a real-time view into task status — as well as a complete history of who did what and how long each task took.

Now, more tasks are not only completed - but also completed on time. Your store is always at its best - clean and with properly priced merchandise, well-stocked shelves and associates who respond quickly to request for help. Your associate are productive every moment of every shift. Your managers are no longer bogged down with manual task administration, able to spend more time out on the store floor with shoppers and associates. As a result, you get more value out of your most important and costly asset, your workforce.


  • AND
With Motorola’s Mobile Workforce Management software, you can automatically deliver a personalized electronic task list that is prioritized in real-time to every associate, right on the Motorola mobile device they carry. So whether shelves need re-stocking or a customer needs assistance, you can count on the prompt and timely completion of tasks required to provide your customers with a great shopping experience.


  • What if you could automatically create a personalized real-time prioritized task list that workers could access on the Motorola mobile device they already carry?
  • What if tasks could be generated from practically anywhere: automatically from store systems or in real-time by supervisors and customers shopping in the store?
there are hundreds of tasks that must be completed every day in order to deliver the best shopping experience possible. Orchestrating the execution of these tasks is a real challenge. Since tasks can come from so many different sources, supervisors become the hub of a manual task management system, Responsible for aggregating tasks into a single list and walking around the store to locate workers to delegate and check on task status.

You have to imagine what you can do for your store with

  • Imagine how customer service would improve when the right associate responds almost instantly to a shopper’s request for help.
  • Imagine how your staffing costs would be impacted if you could more fully utilize every associate on every shift.
  • Imagine if your management team could view task execution status from anywhere in the store, without the need to check with every associate.
  • Imagine what your supervisors could do with all that time.



For better task management.

Enable anyone and almost any system to create a task

One of the more unique aspects of Mobile Workforce Management software is its flexible architecture — tasks can come from practically any source. You can interface Mobile Workforce Management to existing systems that generate tasks today, regardless of whether they are in-store or in the corporate office — including backend applications, self-service kiosks, rFID sensors and more. In addition, managers can create tasks on the fly via easy-to-use templates. For example, the scan of a bar code on a shelf can resent a template that can be rapidly completed to generate a task to replenish that particular shelf. You can give associates permission to create tasks — such as a clean-up required in a particular aisle. Shoppers can even trigger an urgent task from their own smartphones by requesting assistance when they are in the store via your loyalty application.

Automatically assign and deliver tasks

Determining which workers should receive which tasks and then physically locating those workers to delegate the tasks is a monumental and time-consuming effort that is completely eliminated by Mobile Workforce Management. Now, within moments of a task arriving in the system, Mobile Workforce Management automatically identifies the associate best suited for the task and delivers it directly to those mobile devices that are in the hands of those associates, with the proper priority level — no manager intervention required. Some of the many factors this intelligent system can utilize to assign tasks include: the workgroup assigned to the specific task type, who is on shift in that workgroup; the worker’s role (for example, associate or manager), the task priority,
how many users the task requires, the duration of
the task and when the task must be completed.

Automatically escalate tasks

Once a task has been delegated, it must be escalated if it is not completed on time — and with manual task management, the act of identifying which tasks require escalation is extremely difficult. But with Mobile Workforce Management software, task escalation is completely automated. The system automatically identifies tasks that have not been completed in the time allotted and escalates the task
according to the path that you defined. The escalated
task can appear as a new top priority in the task list
of members of another workgroup — or managers
can also receive a text or email notification of the
escalation. The bottom line is without any effort on
the part of your managers, tasks are automatically
escalated as needed to ensure on-time completion.

Put real-time task status at your managers’ fingertips

Instead of running around the store to determine task status, managers simply access the real-time dashboard on their mobile computer or tablet. The flexible dashboard allows managers to view summary screens that show tasks by department or by associate, with the ability to drill down into the specifics for each task. For the first time, at any moment in time, managers can easily see the status
of every task — and what each associate is doing.

Provide the rich historical information your managers need to continuously improve associate productivity and efficiency

In order to best manage any workforce, you need access to the most detailed information possible. With Mobile Workforce Management, a world of metrics is always at the fingertips of your organization for analysis. Managers can review the tasks executed
and the time each task took. Armed with that information, managers can: spot associates that
need more training, set attainable goals and evaluate
how well employees are meeting goals, improving
accountability. The result is a continual improvement
of the utilization of the associate workforce.



Mobile Workforce Management software positively impacts nearly every aspect of your store — the shopping experience, workforce productivity and efficiency, sales, the return on existing store system investments and your brand.

Give your shoppers a better shopping experience

• Since tasks are completed on time, shoppers find your store just the way they want it — clean with well-stocked shelves.

• Since requests for help are routed almost instantly, customer service is improved — shoppers can get help whenever they need it.

Create a more effective managerial workforce

• Less time is spent on day-to-day task management, yet task management is greatly improved.

• Managers are more effective, able to spend more time out on the sales floor improving the shopping experience.

Increase the productivity of your associate workforce

• Since associates are extremely productive during every shift, operational costs are reduced.

• Historical reports allow you to continually improve associate productivity and efficiency.

• Improved workforce utilization reduces staffing costs — the same staff can handle more work.

Increase your sales for a stronger bottom line

• A better shopping experience leads to increased shopper satisfaction, more sales and more loyal shoppers.

• Well-stocked shelves ensure shoppers find the products they want, when they want them, preventing walkouts and lost sales.

Get a better return on your investment in existing store systems

• Integration with the many partner and business systems in use today allows you to increase the value of existing technology investments — from the time and attendance to the promotions management system.

brand loyalty

• Allowing shoppers to use your loyalty application on their mobile devices to request help in the store positions you as a leader who keeps up with cutting-edge retail technology trends to deliver a better shopping experience.

brand Image

• Delivering a better and consistent overall shopping experience — from the moment they enter the store to the moment they make a purchase

• Makes shoppers want to return to your store.