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Motorola SB1 Smart Badge


Help every one of your associates better serve customers with the SB1 Smart Badge. A brand-new category of mobile device, the SB1 is worn around the neck, on a belt or arm and not only allows shoppers to identify associates, but also enables associates to scan bar codes and to answer customer questions on price or inventory. And with a task management application, workers can access their own task list and supervisors can monitor task status — all in real time. The result? More productive associates ready to turn shoppers into buyers.

Small, lightweight and wearable

The compact, light SB is easily worn on a lanyard, belt clip or armband, where it is available to staff in an instant.

Durable — built for everyday use

The SB1 is a true enterprise product, built to handle everyday use, including drops, spills, exposure to dust, heat and cold.

Special plastics and IP54 sealing in SB1-HC enable the regular wipe downs required to prevent the spread of germs between patients and caregivers.


This brand new category of mobile device is the smallest form factor yet to provide nurses and clinical staff with a core set of vital features that can improve patient safety and staff productivity. With a task management application, you can distribute personal dynamic task lists that keep staff focused on the right assignments. Bar code scanning helps streamline task execution and improve task accuracy, from equipment and building maintenance to inventory management and patient transport. And with push-to-talk, workers can easily get an instant answer to an urgent question.

Easy ‘touch’ navigation

Finger-style navigation eliminates the need for a stylus and supports a gloved hand.

Easy to read, everywhere

The three-inch E Ink® Pearl display is easy to read in virtually every lighting condition.

Easily connect to wireless networks

With our Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n radio, your
workers get a secure and solid wireless
connection to your WLaN.

Screen inversion for easy viewing

An accelerometer instantly orients
the screen 180° based on device position
for easy viewing by customers and users.

Customizable bezel

Pick your color and add your logo to promote your brand and enable customers to instantly identify your associates.

Your data is safe and secure

The SB1 supports HTML5 thin client applications where the data resides on servers instead of the device, eliminating the risk of data theft if the device is lost or stolen.

Government-grade security

FIPS 140-2 certification keeps sensitive patient information safe and helps achieve compliance with healthcare-related government regulations, such as HIPAA.

Built for sharing — no need to assign devices

Workers can simply log in at the start of a shift to access their badge profile, personal task list and messages.


At the press of a button, an SB1 user can talk to other staff who are carrying virtually any mobile device — an SB1-HC, a Motorola Solutions mobile computer (such as the MC40), a two-way radio or popular third party smartphones.

1D/2D Enterprise
Bar code scanning

Omni-directional scanning, an integrated
aimer, Led and beeper make scanning a
breeze — just point and shoot, even if bar
codes are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.

Full shift power

The low-power e Ink display provides over
14 hours of battery life from a single
charge — enough to power more than one
shift. In badge mode, the screen can
display an associate’s picture and name or
advertise a promotion — yet the display
draws virtually no power at all.

Real Time Info

Check the availability of product instantly by scanning the barcode.

Real Time Task

Assign important tasks to associates immediately without delay.

Connects Shoppers. Enables Associates. Empower Store Operations.

With the SB1, everyone in retail benefits:


  • Faster service —answers to practically any question or resolution of issues
  • A better store environment — well-stocked shelves and properly priced merchandise


  • Improved productivity and efficiency — able to better care for more customers and handle more tasks per day


  • Improved productivity and efficiency — able to better manage the associate workforce and focus on more crucial managerial tasks
  • With workforce management software, the ability to track and manage associate performance

Store Operations:

  • Increased sales by promptly providing the information required for shoppers to make a buying decision, preventing walk-outs and lost sales
  • Increased customer retention through differentiating service that fosters repeat visits
  • Reduced labor costs through better staff utilization
  • Better collaboration for a stronger, more connected team with the agility to better serve your shoppers


Performance Characteristics

Processor (CPU)

i.MX35 (532MHz)

Memory (Flash/RAM)


Data capture options

1D/2D omni-directional bar code reader with integrated aiming and built-in illumination

Wireless Data Communications


Wi-Fi IEEE® 802.11b/g/n

Physical Characteristics



Display resolution

QVGA (320x240)


3.9 oz./110 g


Beeper, Multi-coloured LEDs

Display type

3.0 inch E Ink® Pearl display; 4-bit gray scale (16 shades)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

3.62 in L x 3.19 in W x 0.55 in D (92mm L x 81mm W x 14mm D)


Main battery

910mAH (full charging in less than 4 hours)

Regulatory Specifications

RF exposure

FCC Part 2, FCC OET Bulletin 65 Supplement C, RSS-102, EN 62311

Electrical safety

IEC/UL/CSA/EN 60950-1

Laser safety

EN 60825-1, IEC 60825-1


RoHS Directive 2002/95/EEC


FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 60601-1-2


Wi-Fi IEEE® 802.11b/g/n

User Environment


5% to 95% non-condensing

Environmental sealing


Storage temperature

-40° F to 158° F / -40° C to 70° C

Operating temperature

32° F to 104° F / 0° C to 40° C

Drop specification

Multiple 4-ft./1.22-m drops to tile over concrete per MIL STD 810G specifications